Coffee Filters

•January 2, 2008 • 2 Comments

I woke up early this morning, not by choice, but once I am awake there is no turning back. So like always I made coffee, with the ogreish – I eat babies for breakfast – grumpy look on my face, that not many people ever see. Half way through the process of making coffee, about the time when I could finally hold my eyes open in the burn your retina bright kitchen we have, I thought why do I have to buy coffee filters? Now if you drink coffee like most of us do you probably use coffee filters, unless you are on of the “lucky” people that spent $1000 at starbucks for one of thoes machines. I don’t know about you but I think coffee filters are magic! You go to the store and they charge you somthing like $1.59 for a million filters, I put them in my cart with a what I think adam must have felt the first time he made fire ” I man, have fixed a problem for the ages, there will be coffee forever!” For months afterward I take a coffee filter out in the morning and voila it is like another one appears, they are never ending, the magic of my morning. Untill that one fateful morning when you get up and open the cupboard only to see that while you were sleeping the magic wore off and to your astonishment where once was the great tower of filters yesterday now sits a lonely can of coffee and a conspicuous empty space. You blink a few times thinking maybe it is just the insanly painful light of you kitchen playing games with your awake for 10 minute eyes, but alas it is no mirage. Back to the store for that momentus feeling of accomplishment that is coffee filters.

Happy Shopping!



A new year and a new voice

•January 2, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I have tried for years to journal. I think there are several on my shelf as I write this, all of them looking at me disapprovingly, as if to tell me that they have seen my procrastinating ways, and are offened that I abandoned them.

This is my experiment to see if I can write more often, I wish I could say everyday, but I know the procrastinator in me would take that as an excuse to give up next week when I have missed a few days. I will write stories about life as a father, husband, youth pastor, and sometimes (hopefully not for long) a mill worker.

Morgan Boating